Alice got away

Sometime last week, must have been a Tuesday, I was taking my little girl to school. Every morning, since the day her big brother went to junior high, it would be just the two of us making the trip, taking the metro.

Anyway, that morning, there were a lot of people, I mean a lot, too many, on the Line 9 platform. As the train, which was late, came to a stop, the mad crowd pushed Alice away from me. So she went in with the flow, looking back over her shoulder every now and then to make sure I was still there. The mob was so strong and compact in the train that I couldn’t catch up with her. Continue reading

In spite of

Weird hour on Line 9
Not late enough
For bums to take over
Late enough for good people
To be watching TV
A black guy
Good looking
With a Jewish Princess
Good looking
They’re holding hands
His strong black hand holding
Her delicate small white hand
I can imagine
Mom and Pop
“Are you sure kid?”

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Paris, the day after, I don’t care for your prayers

This morning, there was a strange silence in my street, and it didn’t bode well. Indeed, I live in Paris’ near suburb and today should have been run here a semi-marathon. Every year, on this particular Sunday, I’m awaken early by a rock band playing loudly to encourage all participants. This morning, within this deafening silence, I could hear the chimes of St Cloud’s church, however far it is. What a symbol! What sadness!

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