Late on Line 9
Shitty day outside
Two bums, homeless
A man and a woman
Drunk and not worried
“When I was 19
We had a drink called
The Coffin” she says
“The Coffin” he asks
“Yeah, we would take all
The alcohol in the house
Mix it together, whatever
And get fucked up”
“Yeah” he says
They have cans of
Hell beer in hands
She looks 60
All puffed up and dirty
She’s 35
“I don’t remember
When I was 19” he says

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A good wife

Good wife

They’re going home
Sad part of town
Late on Line 9
He’s drunk, fucked up
Talking bullshit
Spluttering in her face
You have to give it to her
She rides through it
Calm, her eyes elsewhere

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