Adam says this old heart of mine is weak (chapter XXXII)

Isley Bros

Driving to the train station, 35 miles away on small southeastern Asian country roads, old Mr. Me, though happy to soon see May Linh again, was bothered with something. Yes she had signed my contract, agreeing to be nude all day around me and agreeing to be fondled, weather permits. Which in itself was incredible. Yet, I remembered how during the last nights we spent together she had kind of helped me in being decisive as far as the gamahuching was concerned. And, driving, it occurred to me that indeed I maybe wasn’t decisive enough.

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Adam says Cupid himself would blush (chapter XXXIII)


Eyes 2

The trip back home from the train station was strange. It was all my doing I knew. I’m the one who, thanks to aliens’ money, came up months ago with that idea to offer a contract for women to live naked, and a bit more, around old Mr. Me in my secluded house by the beach in this constantly warm Southeastern Asian Country.

At the beginning I thought I’d even hire three of them. But then I met May Linh, sent to me by Mrs. Wan, and May Linh and I had been living together since, as roommates so to speak. After three weeks in isolation, deep in the jungle, I thought May Linh was already giving me more than I ever expected really, and I wasn’t thinking anymore about bringing in anyone else. How absurd was it now that there were three of us in the car! And it wasn’t even because of me. May Linh had come back, yes, but with Lily.

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Adam reads a declaration of peace (chapter XXXIV)

Woman Lilie

How did May Linh know I’d accept Lily? I don’t know but I guess she knew. Just like she knew I’d accept her piano I guess. What was I going to do? Take Lily back to the train station? Again, maybe old Mr. Me wasn’t being assertive enough. Well Lily had just arrived 10 or 15 mn ago and was now taking her clothes off with May Linh. So Lily was welcomed I guess.

See, one day, aliens had been kind to me and I had come here in this secluded house by the beach in this southeastern Asian country to live my last days surrounded by beauty and I knew nothing more beautiful than nude living women. Old Mr. Me had devised a contract so that everything would be legal and clear and ok with the ladies.

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Adam condones May Linh’s bossiness (chapter XXXV)

Armchair Picasso

So I was in the kitchen in order to fix drinks for the three of us, May Linh, whom I knew for about a month, Lily whom I knew for two or three hours maybe, and me, whom I’ve known for ever. Both of these women had agreed, I hoped, to old Mr. Me’s contract to live in the nude, and more weather permits, in my secluded house by the beach I had purchased for that purpose in this southeastern Asian country.

As of now, I didn’t know what to do with the drinks. The two of them were drinking white wine, with ice cubes in it, and I was drinking beer. And I wondered how I could bring everything all in one trip. Then I thought that if I’d take with me only three drinks, considering the day’s emotions, considering that there were now TWO naked beautiful Asian ladies stark naked somewhere in my house, considering that this was my first beer of the day and god knows I needed one, three drinks wouldn’t be enough.

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Adam says this is a Sunday to remember (chapter XXXVI)

Nude swimming

It had already been the longest day, or so it seemed, although really Lily had arrived only few hours ago. And there were now two beautiful nude women in my house by the beach in this warm southeastern Asian country. Yes that’s what old Mr. Me had hoped for when he drew a contract for them. But I found out things were not as simple as I had planned. Lily, for one, had arrived unannounced.

I was hanging on my porch, looking at the ocean, drinking beer and smoking. Night had fallen for a while now, the sky was overcast so it was very dark tonight. May Linh was with me, drinking white wine, with ice cubes, and she had just explained to me why she had brought Lily in. And she did right I guess.

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