Journey to the West

Two young Asian teens
Arms full of grocery bags
Cheng Mart
They’re really loaded
In the train
Among the dense crowd
They struggled with it
Chinese New Year
You know Mama
Sent them to the store
That she likes, far
Obedient kids or good boys or both
They went and are now
Sweating their way back
From Chinatown
To Line 9
Change at République

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One day in the life of Michael Jordan

That one night, I was with Tall Christophe. Tall Christophe was just as tall as Michael Jordan only he was white. Tall Christophe was a former French pro basketball player and was now working for some news organization covering the NBA. While Jordan was playing and winning titles, Tall Christophe had to come a lot in Chicago.

I am French also but, if I was living in Chicago, I was working construction and trying to pay the rent. I was then – thanks to a Callahan dick! – living in a small first floor apartment on 17th place, sorry part of town coined in between Mexican Pilsen and the Interstate.

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A tender couple

Coming back from somewhere
Riding Line 9
She puts her head
On his shoulder
Her habit out of some scary
Idea of romance
He hates it when
She does that
He feels so ashamed
With all those people there
He lets his shoulder slump
But she gets comfortable again
She has to feel his distress
She owns him I guess
So he sucks it up
And starts counting the stations
He probably doesn’t even
Get lucky for it

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In spite of

Weird hour on Line 9
Not late enough
For bums to take over
Late enough for good people
To be watching TV
A black guy
Good looking
With a Jewish Princess
Good looking
They’re holding hands
His strong black hand holding
Her delicate small white hand
I can imagine
Mom and Pop
“Are you sure kid?”

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