Routine, Adam says, can also mean lovely days (Chapter LVI)


Yes, old Mr. Me had drawn a contract and yes May Linh and Lily were working for me in my secluded home by the ocean in this southeastern Asian country. Working meaning living in the nude around me and agreeing to be fondled once in a while. That’s what the contract stated. And it seemed simple enough. Little did I foresee the power of routine.

It is funny indeed how routine comes and catches up with you. See the backgammon for example. I had taught Lily how to play backgammon while we were in the guest-house waiting for Armageddon. She liked it. Not only that but she’s a natural player. So, in my house by the beach, where, everything considered, there wasn’t much to do, Lily and I got into playing backgammon every day. I mean playing, to win.

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Lily’s Adam’s Aphrodite’s child (chapter LXIX)

Blue Dragon

In old Mr. Me’s house by the beach, in this always warm southeastern Asian country, where May Linh and Lily were living, by contract, in the nude around me, it was understood that when Lily asked if you wanted a massage, you wanted a massage. It’s hard to explain, Lily is a Jedi, a masseuse extraordinaire – indeed that was her former job – and when Lily asked you if you wanted, you wanted, because that’s the power Jedis have. And the fact is, she always asked you for a massage when you needed it the most.

Of course Maggie, who had just inadvertently crashed in the autarkic universe May Linh, Lily and I had created, didn’t know that. “Do you want a massage?” Lily had asked Maggie and Maggie was speechless. Maggie probably thought she had just escaped going to town and now this, and this young girl’s weird pale eyes drilling into hers. I knew the feeling.

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Adam relishes Maggie’s last days (chapter LXXVIII)

Maggie's last days

Never had old Mr. Me really imagined that I would one day be living with three nude Asian women. Yet that was the case, with older May Linh, younger Lily and strange Hong Kong Maggie in my house by the beach in this warm southeastern Asian country. All three of them had agreed to my contract and that, considering all of what this contract entailed, was in itself a surprise. Yet, I was now counting the days because Maggie, who was justly worried for her own life, was leaving soon.

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Adam Says’ Soundtrack (ASS – part 1)

Gramophone 2

Old Mr. Me has imagined a contract whereas, in my secluded house by the beach in this Southeastern Asian country, I’ m now living surrounded by naked Asian women. So far so good. May Linh – a late forties, early fifties woman, I don’t know her age – has been with me for two months now. As for Lily, a young and energetic and sexy woman of 24, she has been with us for a month.

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