Parents’ whine

Line 9
Any given day
In the crowd
A baby
With a sucker
‘Tétine’ we call it in French
Téton in French being the word for
All babies
Seem to have them suckers
A baby
Doesn’t have much
Means of expression
He can smile
He can cry
He can babble
And that’s about
So when you put
A sucker
Into a baby’s mouth
You just tell the kid
Plain and clear
The kid shuts up
Of course
Suck suck suck
Looking dumb
And parents
Never learn
The infinity
Of nuances
Coming with
And smiles
They never learn the language
And Mom and Pop don’t know
how to communicate
With their own baby
Anymore unless
He’s listening to them
Suck suck suck
How comfortable that is
Later on
Parents wonder
Why little Johnny put a shotgun
Into his mouth
Or their’s
So give these suckers
To your babies
And they WILL
Shut up
Like the neutered dog or cat
Are so fond of

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Alice got away

Sometime last week, must have been a Tuesday, I was taking my little girl to school. Every morning, since the day her big brother went to junior high, it would be just the two of us making the trip, taking the metro.

Anyway, that morning, there were a lot of people, I mean a lot, too many, on the Line 9 platform. As the train, which was late, came to a stop, the mad crowd pushed Alice away from me. So she went in with the flow, looking back over her shoulder every now and then to make sure I was still there. The mob was so strong and compact in the train that I couldn’t catch up with her. Continue reading