Misery in Serbia

The night was dark, very dark, if only because in the countryside, may it be communist, there are no lights leading to bumfuck nowhere. So I was driving on a country road, lost somewhat in goddamned Yugoslavia.

It had been dark for quite a while. Snow was shining in the car’s lights. Trees and dark forests, frozen fields, not a soul nor even a headlight in sight. Just a clarinet on the radio trying to tell me this was fun.

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Last train on Line 9
There’s this little girl
Maybe 3, 4 years-old
Sitting on her dad’s laps
He seems worried
Looking at his phone
At this late hour
The kid is obviously
Spending the night with Daddy Oh
And it wasn’t planned
She looks at him
And loves him
And says something
He looks at her
Holds her a bit tighter
Goes back to the screen
Hoping for something

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