Adam says I can wipe my own ass (chapter VI)


Maids are usually the last rung of humanity. Right before slaves. Why should that be? I don’t know, but it is. I specifically told Mrs. Wan, the director of the head hunter bureau, that I wasn’t looking for a ‘maid’. I specifically told her that, yes, I was looking for some woman to live naked around me but it didn’t mean I needed a maid.

“Of course,” said Mrs. Wan with a smile, “how do they say it in your own language? Yes, there it is: ‘gens de maison’. So dear Mr. You, you’re looking for ‘gens de maison’?”

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Adam’s got beer but no cigar (chapter VII)

Gold Digger

Mrs. Wan had promised me “guaranteed results” in my search for a good female soul who would accept, for a good salary, to live all day naked around old Mr. Me. To that effect I had bought a nice traditional house by the ocean, far from the capital of this Southeastern Asian country. At the moment I was downtown, looking out candidates, one at a time, one a day.

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May Linh meets Adam (chapter IX)

Admonitions scroll

“Bonjour. My name is May Linh. I’m sent by Mrs. Wan for an employment interview.” Indeed, Old Mr. Me had contracted Mrs. Wan, director of a head hunting bureau in this southeastern Asian country. She was to send female candidates for a job consisting mostly in living around me in the nude in my house by the beach. I thought that would be the best way to spend my last years, far from the folly of humanity. Female nudity as an oasis.

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May Linh tells Adam where she’s coming from (chapter XI)


I had met May Linh this very day. She was conversing with me, in the nude because she was interviewing for a job and that was what the job entailed. Aliens’ money had given me the opportunity to retire from a cruel world and, after giving most of my new found fortune to my loved ones, I only aspired to finish my life in my secluded house by the beach with three Asian women whose only job would be to be naked by my side.

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