A jungle tale

Line 9 before Christmas
A young woman hugging
A huge stuffed tiger
I mean huge
As big as she was
Couldn’t be for herself
Could it?
A school girl
Walked into the car
Was soon mesmerized by this tiger
Bigger than her
Couldn’t get her eyes off of it
Then her thoughts drifted away
To someplace only she knew
She stayed there quite a while
Came her station
She smiled the dream away
And got off the train

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Chapped lips

There’s a certain time of night
When Line 9 is unforgiving
Take those five dog-tired Pakies
Heading to the sad part of town
Whispering among themselves
About dreams
That never were
You know that
Their only destination
Is slumlords country
One of them
Young and not hardened yet
Is delicately
Spreading Nivea cream
On his face
Winter wind
So bitter

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One boy, two girls

Busy evening on Line 9
Gotta be standing among
All three of them
Speaking French
With a different accent
So they have to speak in French
To understand each other
One girl could be Italian
One girl German
The guy from Croatia
Or somewhere East
They look like
Would be architects
Studying here
Then again
What do I know
The girls smell good though
Their breasts staring at me

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Adam rides north, reaches the last frontier (chapter LXXXIII)

May Linh's town

When old Mr. Me retired here, in this always warm southeastern Asian country, I had a house by the beach and May Linh and Lily, and Maggie later, came to live there with me. They were in the nude all day, by contract, and things were swell. I really thought then I had reached, or better yet, created, my own paradise to spend my last years, far away from an unforgiving world the way it is.

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