Adam and the animals’ farm (chapter LXIII)

Picasso nude green leaves and bust detail

It had been months now since May Linh and Lily came to live with old Mr. Me, after agreeing to a contract that stated that they’d live in the nude around me and be fondled here or there. In the house by the beach, in this southeastern Asian country, the three of us had found a nice way to live together, bound not only by money but by some kind of dear affection and deep understanding.

In the garden, with hard work, May Linh and Lily had gained a lot of land over the jungle. Getting up early, I saw how Lily would get her tool belt and May Ling her gardening gear and they’d get to work.

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Adam feels blue and it’s not the color of the sky (chapter LXIV)


“Who is Mrs. Wan?” asked Lily. I could hear some worries in her voice. She must have seen May Linh blanched and seen the seriousness on my face when I told them I had just gotten a call from Mrs. Wan. This was quite unexpected. For more than two years now, May Linh, Lily and I had been living together, both of them nude, in perfect harmony, in my house by the beach, under the contract old Mr. Me had devised. Now this.

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Adam is blunt and bloody Maggie is crying out loud (chapter LXV)


When I left my house by the beach to go pick up Maggie at the train station, 35 miles away, the mood was anything but jolly. Indeed, May Linh and Lily, living nude with me in this always warm southeastern Asian country, had found, just like old Mr. Me, some comfort in the way the three of us lived in seclusion, away and hidden from the cruelty of the world. But Mrs. Wan called and there I was, leaving the train station with yet another Asian woman, Maggie, on my tail.

Once in the car, I could discern some hostility in the way she put her seatbelt on and there was, thus, some hostility as well in the way I put my seatbelt on. What? My car wasn’t good enough? For Christ’s sake, this was a bad start but I could tell, now that she was close to me and had taken her sun glasses off, that she was rather good looking.

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Adam is downtown again, no dolce vita this time (chapter LXXXI)


Now that my house by the beach had been destroyed, Maggie murdered, most of my money gone, the contract old Mr. Me had devised, where Asian women would live in the nude with me, was moot. May Linh, Lily and I had taken refuge in an apart-hotel in the capital of this southeastern Asian country and none of us wished to talk about the life that was and will be no more. Which is only another way to say that we decided to move on and not look back. I had been badly beaten up but I was feeling better now.

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Adam tires, blabbers still (chapter LXXXVI)

Hotel in the capital

Weeks, months went by for old Mr. Me in May Linh’s small house up in the mountains of this southeastern Asian country. Spring came, then summer, then fall, then winter again. Routine had definitely settled in but then it was December and it made me realize that, for the past three years, almost four, we had never celebrated anything with May Linh: not Christmas, not birthdays – I still didn’t really how old she was, 50, 55, 60? I had no idea – no independence day. Not even New Year’s days, neither mine nor hers. Although we’d go see the firework for her New Year’s day, we didn’t celebrated it as such.

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