Lily’s a soul whose intentions are good (chapter XL)


Lily had started to give old Mr. Me a massage like I never had before. I was thinking that massages weren’t in the contract I had devised when I planned to retire from the world’s follies to this secluded house by the beach in this Southeastern Asian country. Then again, May Linh playing piano so beautifully wasn’t in the contract either.

Moreover, it is only because old Mr. Me’s dick was dead for a long time that I could have imagined such a thing, living surrounded by women in the nude. And after I had met with May Linh, I was perfectly happy to be with her and how our relationship was evolving. But young Lily showed up and I, an old white Christian guy full of complexes, wasn’t prepared for her arrival.

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Adam says: why oh why have I been so ignorant for so long? (chapter XLII)

Ignorance 1

Since old Mr. Me had devised a contract for Asian ladies to live in the nude around me, many things had evolved that were not in the contract. Lily’s massages for example. Since I had bought my shotgun house by the ocean in this Southeastern Asian country, I pretty much spend most of my time on the front porch, facing the sea and the immense sky.

That’s where, yesterday, surrounded by white gladioli, Lily had revived old Mr. Me. And Lily was now giving shy May Linh a massage as well and I was a standing witness and I couldn’t believe my eyes. They were both nude, of course, but there was a sensuality in Lily’s massages that was from out of this world.

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Adam thinks sugar daddy is too sweet a pie (chapter LIII)

Opera 1

Two months later, I was back in the capital city of this southeastern Asian country. Only this time I was not alone but with May Linh and Lily who both had agreed to the working contract I had imagined for them so they’d be living with me in the nude. Which was swell in my recluse house by the ocean.

Presently I had made a reservation in a very nice hotel and we were spending three days together downtown. I had paid them their salary of 2.000 coppers a month before we left home and Saturday, after lunch, May Linh and Lily went by themselves, the two of them, doing some shopping I guess. So I found myself alone in the hotel room, it was too early for me to start drinking so I turned on the TV. CNN! Massacres all over the world. I had forgotten. So I switched channels until I found a documentary.

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Lily’s got an itch, Adam and May Linh are scratching (chapter LVII)

Goosebumps 6

“Lily, what is it that May Linh and old Mr. Me can do for you?” I asked. Indeed, since agreeing to my contract, which stipulated that, for a very good salary, she’d be living in the nude with me, Lily had given May Linh and I a lot more than what I ever expected or imagined. And she wasn’t ever asking anything for herself. She was a giver. Yet there had to be something WE could give her. And there was one thing.

“Well”, Lily said, “there’s that show that comes on every day at five, it’s called Married with children.”

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Lily probes Adam’s secret thoughts (chapter LXI)


For a few months now, May Linh and Lily had been living, by contract, in the nude in old Mr. Me’s house by the beach in this always warm southeastern Asian country and we somehow learned how to live together. But the thing with the search for balance is that you often can’t anticipate where it will lead you.

So now I was more awake in the morning than I had ever been and I could hear May Linh and Lily go to the toilet and I kind of liked that.

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