Adam says I’m afloat and that the most I can hope for (chapter XVII)

Flower girls

I had been driving all day, since early this morning, from the capital city of this Southeastern Asian country back to my house by the beach. The past week, I had interviewed four Asian women – all looking fine now that I thought of them – applying for a job I was offering, that is living naked around old Mr. Me in my house by the beach for a good salary. May Linh was the best prospect so far. Now I was on my way home.

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Adam feels like a merman in the water (chapter XXIV)


So I knew now there was only one week left. For two weeks now, May Linh had been living with me, as a roommate so to speak, in the secluded place by the ocean I had bought in that Southeastern Asian country for this purpose. She had agreed to a contract stating that she’d be nude in and around the house. And nude she had been since day one she had arrived.

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Adam and May Linh exorcize demons (chapter XXVI)

Judas chair

That Friday morning, after our first shared stealth explosion the night before, May Linh seemed to be in an excellent mood. Me, for some reason, I felt a bit somber because I could tell time was ticking. Now there was a deadline. May Linh was leaving in two days. I could tell it in the way she worked in her garden, in the languor in her walk, in the way I was ogling her like a maniac again, just like at the beginning, I could tell it in the way I couldn’t keep myself from touching her and smelling her.

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Adam tries to break free, to no avail (chapter XXX)


May Linh was gone from my secluded house by the beach for a week and she already had been away four days and I hadn’t heard from her so I didn’t know for sure when she’d come back. I found it incredible how the three weeks she spent here, after agreeing to old Mr. Me’s contract, had changed my life.

For the first time ever, in this always warm Southeastern Asian Country, I could shamelessly ogle at a woman nude body – May Linh’s nude body – all day long, from up close, missing no detail and it was OK for May Linh because she understood that’s why she was living here with me. And what was really great is that we didn’t have any obligation to each other’s other than those stipulated in the contract.

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Adam can hear the mermaids singing, each to each (chapter XXXVII)

Underwater 3

It was Friday late at night and old Mr. Me was happy to have a moment to consider all that had happened lately, since Lily arrived. I was on my porch, drinking beer, smoking. I had a French joint and I was glad to have a chance to be alone looking at the sea and the big sky. Both May Linh and Lily were asleep. Lily had her period today. Everything considered, I was glad to have a moment of peace.

When I devised this scheme – all of it spelled out in a fair and square contract of course – to have Asian ladies living in the nude with me, I thought of it as a piece of cake. A fair contract and roll baby roll. Well there are cherries but a piece of cake it is not. When old Mr. Me wrote the first contract, for May Linh, I thought I was a pastry chef of my own kind. Then Lily came and she blew my cake up to pieces. Happy birthday old man!

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