The wind cries. Adam worries this typhoon is the wrath of god (chapter XLVII)


“Mr. You, wake up, you’ve got to come and help us.” What in hell? I was having a nice dream. Like a French guy once said, you always wake up too early when you’re dreaming that you’re fucking and always too late when you’re dreaming that you’re pissing. “Mr. You, wake up for Christ’s sake.” And I knew now where I was.

I was in my remote and secluded place lost in the jungle by a beach in this southeastern Asian country and one of the beauties of it was that I’d get up only when I’d wake up. No more alarm clock, no more hurry, just waking up to a new day. And May Linh and Lily, living in the nude with me by contract, knew that. Not once did they wake me up. And last night I went to bed late and quite a bit drunk.

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Under the deluge, Adam hears the blues falling down like rain (chapter XLVIII)


Typhoons, hurricanes are reminders that we live on a singular planet, flying by itself a way off the universe, some place no one cares about. And we on Earth are all agitated but, naturally, it doesn’t really matter. The earth was spinning before us and will still be spinning after us. That’s the very reason why, as much as old Mr. Me tried, whatever I thought, said or did was in vain. So, at this point, why not a contract where May Linh and Lily were now living in the nude with me? Thanks to aliens, it somehow made sense to me.

So now the typhoon was upon us and it was a mother. Because it was set on high grounds in the jungle, May Linh, Lily and I had taken refuge in the guest-house of the property I possessed by the beach in this southeastern Asian country. Outside, it was now almost as dark as night and, from inside, you couldn’t tell whether it was day or night. So, maybe as a way to feel more secure, we had all the lights on. It was a lot of fun at the beginning. First we all took a shower, me first.

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Adam sees the dark face of Armageddon (chapter IL)

Hypnos & Thanatos

It was one thing for old Mr. Me to imagine a contract where Asian ladies would be living around me in the nude, it is another to come through such a contract when a mother typhoon is pounding over your head trying to make you pay for your sins. May Linh, Lily and I had been staying in my house by the beach in this Southern Asian country but, presently, we had taken refuge in the guest-house, set on higher grounds, to ride the storm safely.

But we soon found ourselves in troubles when, first, power went off and, later, when our flashlight ran out of batteries. So May Linh, Lily and I had settled in utter darkness onto the bed and were prepared to wait the night out. They were both nude as usual, although Lily was wearing panties, which I knew were red, because she was having her period. It wasn’t cold at all in the guest house, quite the contrary, but I couldn’t see anything so I was ogling them with my fingers, so to speak.

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The day after, power off, Adam is not so cocksure (chapter L)

Aftermath 1

When old Mr. Me devised a contract so I could retire from the world’s brutal vanity and live from now on as a recluse, in my house by the beach in this warm southeastern Asian country, surrounded by nude women, it did seem to work for a while. To my eyes at least, May Linh and Lily were both beautiful. Older May Linh was bringing to me her quiet presence and her warm body and young Lily brought her intense reviving energy, including sexual energy.

Indeed, while it took May Linh and I days, weeks, before our first gamahuche, it took Lily, the great massage Jedi, only few days to lead May Linh and I to new sensual highs. So not only could I ogle their naked bodies at length and at leisure, and fondled them when given a chance – that was in the contract – but I could now also expect here and there to have a chance for a great ass fuck, which wasn’t in the contract. But a mother typhoon slammed us and threw us off our newly established routine.

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