May Linh meets Adam (chapter IX)

Admonitions scroll

“Bonjour. My name is May Linh. I’m sent by Mrs. Wan for an employment interview.” Indeed, Old Mr. Me had contracted Mrs. Wan, director of a head hunting bureau in this southeastern Asian country. She was to send female candidates for a job consisting mostly in living around me in the nude in my house by the beach. I thought that would be the best way to spend my last years, far from the folly of humanity. Female nudity as an oasis.

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Adam says: is this a Friday the 13th or what? (chapter X)

Copper skin

I had devised a scheme so old Mr. Me could spend what remained of my life in this southeastern Asian country surrounded by female beauties in the nude – three being, I thought, a good number. This would take place in the house, by the ocean, I had purchased with aliens’ money for this purpose.

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Adam says no candle in the wind (chapter XII)


Revolution and wars are always a pain in the ass for those who get it in the ass, and those are mostly, save maybe for few aristocratic heads, the poor and damned souls of this planet. Then revolutions are gone and assholes have taken the job and benefits of the other assholes before and the poor and damned souls are fucked again. So they pray but there’s no help coming from there either. So that’s how it went in southeastern Asia, as in anywhere, skulls by millions. Old Mr. Me knew.

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Adam says I’m not sick. Who knows for sure? (chapter XIV)

City night

“OK, what it is I really like is women’s ass. The most beautiful thing in the world, to me, is a female nude body and, among her, the ass in general, the anus in particular, is to me the most exciting and desired part.” I paused and stole a glance at May Linh, on my left, sitting in her armchair inside this apart-hotel I had rented for a week. She was nude, I knew, although I could hardly see anything of her. She made no motion.

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Adam says tea for you and beer for me, in a shotgun house (chapter XIX)


We were driving back to my place by the ocean from the train station where I had picked up May Linh, who had accepted my job offer to live naked with me. We hadn’t said much since then. I wanted to talk about the scenery, which I liked, but I figured this was her country so what could I say? “It’s very different here than from where I live,” she said.

“Is your house far?”

“No,” I said.

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