Line 9
She comes in
A blonde
With headphones on
I’m curious
“What are you
Listening to”
I ask
Thinking I’ll learn
From the yougen
“Blow off” she says
I understand
So I do
Doesn’t matter really
She’s maybe listening
To Celine Dion

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Gypsy King, not

On line 9
There are all kinds of begging musicians
Romany for most
Some of them are good
They play old French classics
That only they know
How to play anymore
But today there was an old wino, white
With a dirty one-string violin that he
Seemingly had found in the trash
He looked despondent
He tried to play
It was like hearing a saw
It jolted everyone in the car
The man was wobbly acting
The sound was excruciating
I just wished he had a home
To go to
So that he’d stop
He fell
Remained there, helpless
Sawing had stopped
At last

Ellar Wise

Adam is May Linh and Lily’s butt of a joke (chapter LIX)


The first time May Linh and Lily took off with the car, to go to town, 35 miles away, I was taken aback. They both had signed old Mr. Me’s contract stipulating that they would live with me in the nude in my secluded house by the ocean in this southeastern Asian country but there were no working hours per se in the contract.

For Christ sake, I didn’t know if Lily was even able to drive really but off they went. I was worried for some reasons that something may have happen to them. And, as the day went by and then night fell and then it started getting very late, I became more and more distraught, and a bit angry at them for putting me through this. So I had been drinking beer and smoking, including French joints, all day long while waiting for them, unable to do anything else.

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